Clinics and Services

medical iconsMinor Surgery Clinic

This practice has all the facilities for the performance of minor operations carried out by Dr Coles. Dr Coles also performs minor surgery procedures for other practices in the Caerphilly Borough.

Antenatal Clinics

Every Friday morning 9.30am -12.00pm the community midwives are available. Appointments can be made at reception.

Doctors P F Coles, J Bhogal and K Griffin are all on the Obstetric list for Gwent.

If you have recently found out that you are pregnant, firstly congratulations! It is advisable that you meet with the midwife before you reach 12 weeks to book in with the hospital or team you wish to deliver your baby. The options of where you have antenatal care can be discussed at your first appointment with the community midwife. When you are ready, please contact the practice with full details of your name, address and telephone number which will be passed on to the midwife. A midwife from the Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr hospital will contact you to arrange an appointment at hospital or in your own home.

Postnatal care is given by our midwife who will look after both you and your baby. The doctors are available for help and advice. Six weeks after the birth is an ideal time for your postnatal check with the Doctor. Please contact the practice for an appointment.

Child Health Surveillance - Immunisation Clinic

Held every Wednesday afternoon,1.30pm to 3.00pm this clinic is run by a practice nurse for immunisations and a Doctor for 6-8 week old checks. Your child will normally be sent an appointment, but if this is missed for any reason then you may bring your child along on any Wednesday. Pre-school boosters are due from the age of three years and four months. If you are unable to come along to baby clinic then you should book a routine appointment with a practice nurse.

Please note that Child Health Clinics with the Health Visitors are no longer held at the surgery and are now held at Parc Y Felin School Building, Parc Y Felin Street, Caerphilly every Tuesday from 9.30am - 11.00am. For any queries please contact the Health Visiting Team at Denscombe Clinic on 029 20884378.


Teenage Booster: Age 13 - 16. A booster of Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio (DTP) is required to complete the childhood schedule. This booster is NOT given in school so an appointment should be made with the practice nurse.

Flu-Jab and Pneumococcal: Offered to all patients aged 65 years and over and to those patients at risk. The flu jab is required annually whereas the pneumococcal is usually given once only. Please ask at reception for details.

Holiday Vaccinations: A DOUBLE APPOINTMENT with the practice nurse is required AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO TRAVEL. Hepatitis A, Typhoid and DTP are free of charge. A fee is required for Hep B vaccinations. Malaria medications are NOT prescribed as an NHS prescription but on a PRIVATE PRESCRIPTION. We suggest you speak to a pharmacist about any malarial medications as costs vary.

WE ARE NOT A YELLOW FEVER centre and do not provide this or other specific vaccinations such as rabies, Japanese encephalitis or cholera.

Contraception advice.

All the doctors and practice nurses are available to offer you contraceptive advice. Both nurses and doctors can provide you with advice on the various methods available, including emergency contraception.

Dr Griffin and Dr Menon are able to insert and remove the contraceptive implant (rod) and coils at a suitably arranged appointment.

Preconception Advice

If you are thinking of starting a family there is a leaflet available at reception which offers useful advice and up-to-date information about conception and preparing for it.

Smear Tests/Cytology Clinic

We advise all women over 25 years of age to have a smear test every three years and all women aged 50-64 to have a smear test every 5 years. You are invited to make an appointment with the practice nurse. For further information please visit to the Cervical Screening Wales Website.

From the 6th November 2021 to the end of March 2022, Aneurin Bevan is offering Saturday morning clinics for women that are due for Cervical Screening. These clinics will be held across the region and you can call directly to book an appointment. Therefore, if you have recently received your smear invitation please call 01633 431701 on Wednesdays and Thursdays 12.30pm-4.30pm and Fridays 9.30am-1.30pm. 

Sexual Health Clinics

For information and a list of the available Sexual Health clinics within Aneurin Bevan University Health Board please visit the Sexual Health Clinic page on the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board website.

Health Promotion/Chronic Disease Monitoring Clinics

We hold the following clinics:

Cardiovascular Disease Monitoring/Risk Assessment

If you have a history of heart disease, stroke or TIAs ('mini strokes') you will be reviewed annually. If you have a first degree relative (parent or sibling) with a history of heart disease or strokes, you are eligible to request a cardiovascular risk assessment to determine your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Diabetic Clinic

All diabetics are invited for at least six-monthly monitoring. An appointment with a Phlebotomist is needed who will take your bloods and check your urine followed by an appointment with a Diabetic Nurse within a Diabetic Clinic at least a week later.

Anticoagulation Clinic

We are able to monitor and dose all patients taking Warfarin in the practice by finger prick testing. The INR clinic is held weekly. We are able to provide an INR test to visitors to the area but their own anticoagulation clinic will be responsible for dosing. A fee may be charged to non-NHS overseas patients.

Respiratory Disease Monitoring

If you have asthma or COPD you will be asked to attend annually for a medication review.


An annual blood and urine test is required if you need medication to control your blood pressure. You should also have your blood pressure checked at least six monthly. Please phone 029 2088 7316 and make an appointment to see one of the practice nurses.

Well Person Clinics

If you do not come to the surgery very often, or are over the age of 40, we suggest that you make an appointment with one of our practice nurses for a well person check. You will have your blood pressure, height and weight checked, family history and also a urine test. Women are advised about breast self-examination. We recommend these checks every three years if we haven’t seen you in between.

Exercise On Prescription

The practice nurses can refer patients to the local exercise on prescription schemes, ie those who meet qualifying requirements (for example, who have long-term health problems or are considered at risk).

Smoking Cessation Clinics

These clinics are held on a Friday morning by NHS Help me Quit professional counsellors. With their help and a proven drug treatment it is four times more likely that you will succeed in stopping smoking. If you would like to be referred to the Help Me Quit service please ask any member of staff at the surgery who will forward your details to the Practice Smoking Champion who will then refer you to the NHS Help me Quit Professional Counsellors. Alternatively you can get support by contacting Help me Quit directly by:

Calling 0800 085 2219

Texting: HMQ to 80818 (to get a call-back)

Visiting the Help Me Quit Wales website to request a call back.

Chiropody Clinic

Held at the Practice on Monday mornings and is a private only clinic. Please book an appointment at the reception desk.

Please ask at Reception for more information on these services.


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