GP Training

3rd May 2023

Third and Fourth Year Students

Students in their third and fourth year often come to the surgery for about 6 weeks. This is to build their experience in a GP practice setting. It is extremely valuable for the trainees to gain as much experience with patients as possible. We like to encourage their confidence by allowing them to sit with GPs in consultations and allow as much patient interaction as possible. We will always ask your permission for the student to sit in on your consultation, and we respect your decision if you do not wish for them to be present.


Information for new students before you arrive:

Where are we?: Below is a link for a map of the surgery. Please click the link to find out more information about where we are located.

We are located behind Home Bargains on Pontygwindy Road with ample parking, if required.


Surgeries: On arrival we would like to introduce you to as many staff members as possible. Please feel comfortable to ask as many questions as you need to. We are all ready to help.

Once settled, you will sit in consultations with the GPs. The surgeries are shortened to allow you to ask questions. There will also be plenty of opportunity to take the patients’ relevant histories and conduct examinations.

We hope you enjoy your time with us at the surgery and gain all the experiences needed to help you on your journey to becoming a doctor.

3rd May 2023

Fifth Year Students

GP registrars, who are 5th year students, will usually complete 6 months or 1 year with the practice. They are fully qualified doctors with medical experience in hospital medicine who are training to become GPs. We offer appointments with the GP registrars and sometimes they will ask your permission to record the session. This is purely for training purposes and all recordings are strictly confidential and are used for teaching or exam purposes only.

Our current GP registrar at the practice is Dr Eric Hitti.

3rd May 2023

Courthouse Medical Centre is a GP Training practice. Students from various stages of their training come to the practice to complete placements, gaining experience in a GP setting.